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Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler

A pear-shaped snack toy for dogs, made from food-safe plastic and robust & long-lasting, great as a feeding ball or for use during training. It can be easily opened to fill with tasty treats or food.

The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is the ideal way to keep your dog entertained in an usual way! This toy can be used as a feeding bowl or during training, as well as being a great way to fight boredom and provide your dog with a delicious snack.

The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is pear-shaped and can stand on the floor for your dog to push around with its nose or paws. Even when the snack ball is empty, it remains an irresistible toy as it rolls around the floor in unpredictable directions! This helps to stimulate your dog's natural hunting and chasing instincts. The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy can be unscrewed to open it and for filling with food. The opening on the side is large enough for pieces of food to fall out as your dog pushes it around the floor.

The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is also ideal as a training tool, as it has integrated treats, or for use as a feeding bowl if you wish to ensure your dog eats more slowly to aid digestion.

The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is made from food-safe polymer and is particularly robust, ensuring it can provide your dog with long-lasting joy. This red dog toy is available in different sizes.

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy at a glance:

Pear-shaped dog toy for filling with food or snacks

With incorporated opening (approx. 2cm): through which the snacks can fall

Easy to fill, as it opens by unscrewing

Ideal as a training toy or for feeding, encouraging slower eating and movement

Rolls and spins around unpredictably

Robust and easy to care for (dishwasher proof)

Colour: red

Material: food-safe polymer

Size S:

Suitable for dogs weighing between 1-12kg

Size: diameter 11 x (L) 15.5 cm

Max. filling capacity: 125g (approx. 1/2 cup of food)

Opening: 1.8cm

Product weight: approx. 485g

Size L:

Suitable for dogs weighing over 11kg

Size: diameter 13 x (L) 19 cm

Max. filling capacity: 250g (approx. 1 cup of food)

Opening: 1.8cm

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