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Split Deer Antler

Split Deer Antler

Split Antlers are 100% natural, free of any additive or preservatives, they are simply cleaned and cut to various sizes and weights for your dog to chew on.

Deer antler is a healthy chew, they are long-lasting and full of minerals and calcium. Your dog will grind down the antler over time meaning there is very little mess and the antlers have no odour. They are a cruelty-free product. Antlers need to be removed once they harden to prevent stags from hurting each other. This is a pain-free process, like clipping a fingernail. They are fresher than the antlers commonly stocked in pet shops as those are usually antlers from wild deer that have been shed after the breeding season.

Split Antlers are a perfect chew to help puppies with teething, Split antlers are a safer option than full antlers and puppies can access the centre which is a little softer than the outer layer.


Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks

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