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Beef Banquet

Beef Banquet

Our Delicious Beef Banquet contains the following tasty chews.


2 x Hairy Beef Ears- They are a healthy alternative to pig's ears that are low in fat. Hairy Cow's Ears also aid as a natural de-wormer whilst being low in odour and non-greasy.


1 x Large Moon Bone- Moon bone is made from beef cartilage the hip of a cow, there is actually no bone included it’s just a tasty longer lasting chew for doggy’s who need that extra boost to keep their joints fit and healthyMoon bone is a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin and good for sensitive tummy’s.


3 x Hairy Beef Skin- Our delicious Head Skin Beef Slices with Hair are 100% natural and are a very popular part of our Primal Range of treats. Air-dried to perfection and completely free of bacteria, these long-lasting chews are packed with flavour and goodness.


1 x Hoof- Long lasting natural chew, 100% cow hoof. Suitable for dogs of all ages, they he can also be stuffed and frozen, just like Kongs, for extra appeal.


2 x Beef Skin Chew Dried Beef Scalp offers long-lasting chewing enjoyment all dogs but particularly for small to medium sized dogs due to the size.

As this chew requires your dog to gnaw at it until it is soft, it helps to clean your dog's teeth as well as strengthening the jaw muscles.


3 x Beef Gullet chew

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